Domestic Ornamental & Special Orders



Perfect for keeping yarn tangle free when knitting, crocheting or plying spun fibre.

CONTACT Louise to enquire about available stock or purchase enquiries

Enquiries welcome for Special order and personalised Yarn Bowls

All pottery is fired to stoneware temperature

making them very strong and durable. Sizes approx 15cm wide x 10cm high

Personalised Yarn Bowls (from photos of your pets) $44

Once again, just about all yarn bowls have sold out quickly. 


adding them here soon!!

1. Dachshund yarn bowl $40 sold



2. Orange and Red satin finish $34



3. Rainbow Yarn Bowl $32



4. Hedgehog  Yarn Bowl $40 sold



5. Baby Hedgehog  Yarn Bowl $40 sold




6. Possum Yarn Bowl $40 sold




7. Owl Yarn Bowl sold




8. Jack Russel Yarn Bowl $40 sold

(NB 2 Iron spots on inside of bowl)



9. Rutile / Iron Glazed Yarn Bowl $35 sold




10. Outback Glazed Yarn Bowl $35 sold



All yarn bowls below are examples only and  were previously sold.

Please contact me if you would like a personalised yarn bowl or 

if anything here takes your fancy and I can make it for you.



 Extra Large Double Slot Yarn Bowl

Rutile/Iron 23cm W x 12.5cm H $80 Sold



 Lg 2 Slots Yarn Bowl $90 

Red / Blue with Ash Glaze 

24cm wide x 12cm high (sold)