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Introducing the Manual Alpaca Fibre Tumbler 

Removes dust and reduces vegetable matter.

Made in Carcoar, NSW, AUSTRALIA

Enquiries- Email Louise

Anyone who has ever bought an alpaca fleece, or  have their own alpacas,

will know how dusty the fleece is. Alpacas love to roll in the dirt!


My alpacas  often love to go for a swim in the dam and then roll in dirt while wet.

Hence, the need for this wonderful manual

Alpaca Fibre Tumbler

Drum - 64cm long, Width 63cm

Height from table 77cm Length 90cm

Gently hand cranked for a couple minutes to get the majority of the dust out (light as a feather to turn handle)

and finished off with a garden blower to open the fibre up and blow the remaining dust out.

It is advisable to  wear a mask or face covering around dusty alpaca fleece and while operating the Tumbler.

Goggles are advised too, especially when using the garden blower

Care must be taken using any equipment, so best to make sure children don't operate the Tumbler and are always supervised when in close proximity.

YouTubeVideo of Fibre Tumbler in action

 Enquiries - email Louise

Location - Central Tablelands NSW Australia

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