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Bird Nest Pots

Filled with Alpaca Fleece

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After seeing the local birds harvesting fleece from our alpacas, I thought how nice it would be to make alpaca filled pots for others to provide their local birds with this soft and natural nesting material.

Click on the youtube link below to see magpie helping itself to Freddie's fleece.

YouTube Freddie and magpie

It didn't take long for the magpies to discover their much loved nesting material in this TableTop/Post Sitter version of my 'nest pots'


All pots come with 100g of alpaca fleece. Enough to fill and refill many times.

The hanging version of Nest Pots, can be hung in a tree or shrub. (or under verandah)

It is best tied closely to a branch to stop it from swinging  and allow the birds to reach it from the branches.

Adding a stick may be helpful for the birds to perch on, but not required if they can reach the fibre from the branches or perch on the pot itself.

Hanging Nest Pots +50g Alpaca fleece $20

(Random selection available)


Tabletop / Post Sitter -  Nest Pots

All Tabletop/Post Sitter versions come with 100g Alpaca Fleece $42

Owl Nest Pot


Sheep Nest Pot


Bird Nest Pot


Cat Nest Pot (A bit Cheeky)


Alpaca Nest Pot

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