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The Humming Alpaca

Yarn Bowls and Alpaca Fibre

Alpaca Fibre on this page is from my 6 gorgeous pet alpacas

 Batts are tumble blown (description to come) to remove most dust,

Picked twice and

Carded with an Ashford Wild Drum Carder

 Spun Fibre is hand spun on an Ashford Country Spinner

and washed after spinning.

All Fibre is 100% alpaca

More Yarn Bowls on the Yarn Bowl Page

Isaac (cream)

aka 'Sweet Lips' by name and nature.

Isaac Yarn Bowl $45  Sold    

Batts  50g $7.50ea  

Aran/10ply Skein 390g  $75 sold

Aran/10ply Skein 167g   $33 sold

Chunky/12ply (slubby) Skein 200g   $40 ($10/50g)  sold.        


Jeremiah  (fawn)

Jeremiah is a naughty boy and wants what all of the others are eating and likes to contest the alpha male for supremecy. He never wins though :)

 Jeremiah Yarn Bowl $45 sold

Batts 50g $7.50ea

Chunky/12ply Skein 204g $40 ($10/50g) sold


Yoda (dark Brown)

Yoda is the alpha male of his little herd, and is gentle and quiet, but the other alpacas still know their place.

Yoda's fibre is luscious and dark, but the fibre length is quite short.

Experienced spinners would enjoy spinning his fleece.

 Yoda Yarn Bowl $45 sold or ( Yarn bowl + 50g cake 12ply $50)

 Chunky/12ply Cakes 50g $10

Batts 50g $7.50ea

Chunky/12 ply Skein 500g $90 ($9/50g)


Zoltan (fawn)

Zoltan is a very nice alpaca, but we have to watch Pepe (our little dog) around him.

 Zoltan Yarn Bowl $45 sold or (Yarn bowl + 50g cake 12ply $50)

Chunky /12ply Cakes 100g $20ea


Freddie (light brown)

Freddie had rickets as a cria, but recovered well to become a big and healthy alpaca.

He is quite content being lowest in the pecking order and never contests his position.

Therefore, none of the others ever pick on him either. Very smart and very sweet.

He is also always the one eating, when all of the others are having a rest.

 Freddie Yarn Bowl $45 sold or (Yarn bowl +50g Cake 12ply $50)

Batts 50g $7.50ea

Chunky/12ply Cakes $10


Urwin (Brown)

Urwin is the 'kissing alpaca' and loves to greet visitors with a kiss. He is smallest of the alpacas, but very athletic, inquisitive and oh so attractive.


Urwin Yarn bowl $45 sold or (Yarn bowl + 50g 12ply cake $50)

6 x Chunky/12ply Cakes 100g $20ea.

1 x Chunky/12ply Cat Ball 310g $60

XLarge Slouchy Beanie 240g of 12ply fibre $60 sold

More Fibre and Yarn added soon