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The Humming Alpaca

Yoda, Isaac, Jeremiah, Zoltan, Urwin & Freddie

As I have been a potter and a fibre spinner for years, what better way to combine both interests

than to create a page featuring my gorgeous pet alpacas, yarn bowls, fibre,

bird nest fibre pots, figurines, buttons, pendants, post sitters, and more.

And Introducing The Humming Alpaca Fibre Tumbler

I will be adding more pages to The Humming Alpaca over time,

but for now, click on the images below to go to the relevant pages


Yarn Bowls and Alpaca Fibre


 Alpaca Fibre- Bird Nest Pots


Ashford Wheels and Looms


Alpaca Fibre Tumbler


Alpaca Beanies