Domestic Ornamental & Special Orders


Potter - Louise Purcell

Welcome to Carcoar Pottery   

      Ph: 0468341661


Also located in the Historic Carcoar Court House on Weekends 10.30am - 4pm

*Specialising in personalised pottery for every occasion

* Domestic pottery from casseroles to carafes and everything in-between.

* Ornamental pottery from figurative animals to money pots and vases to platters.


Personalised Mugs

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Dogs Dogs Dogs

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Cats Cats Cats

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Money Pots

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'Outback' Pottery



The Humming Alpaca

 Includes alpaca yarn bowls, fibre, beanies, equipment, and more.




Post Sitters, Animals

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Exhibition Pottery

Glaze Journey

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Domestic Ware

Rutile / Iron Glaze Bowl

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Me and my sister :)